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Verdi 威爾第

Nabucco 《納布果》

25 February 2024 (SUN) 4:00pm, Emperor Cinemas (Entertainment Building) 
2024年 2月25日 (星期日) 下午4時正,英皇戲院 (中環娛樂行)

19 May 2024 (SUN) 3:50pm, MOViE MOViE Pacific Place
2024年 5月19日 (星期日) 下午3時50分,MOViE MOViE Pacific Place

11 August 2024 (SUN) 3:00pm, K11 Art House
2024年 8月11日 (星期日) 下午3時正,K11 Art House

24 November 2024 (SUN) 3:50pm, Premiere Elements
2024年 11月24日 (星期日) 下午3時50分,Premiere Elements

Expected running Time: 3Hrs 21Mins (Including one intermission)  
演出約3小時 21分鐘(包括一節中場休息)

Sung in Italian with English Subtitles

Liudmyla Monastyrska

Maria Barakova

SeokJong Baek

George Gagnidze

Dmitry Belosselskiy

CONDUCTOR Daniele Callegari
PRODUCTION Elijah Moshinsky


COSTUME DESIGNER Andreane Neofitou


Jerusalem, 6th century B.C. The Israelites are praying for help against Nabucco, King of Babylon, who has attacked them. Zaccaria, their high priest, reassures his people that the Lord will not forsake them. As the Israelites leave, Ismaele, nephew of the King of Jerusalem, is left alone with Nabucco’s daughter Fenena, whom the Hebrews hold hostage. The two fell in love during Ismaele’s imprisonment in Babylon, and Fenena helped him escape and followed him to Jerusalem. They are interrupted by the sudden appearance of Fenena’s half-sister, Abigaille, and a band of disguised Babylonian soldiers. Abigaille, who is also in love with Ismaele, tells him that she can save his people if he will return her love, but he refuses. The Israelites rush back into the temple in a panic. When Nabucco enters with his warriors, Zaccaria confronts him, threatening to kill Fenena. Ismaele disarms the priest and delivers Fenena to her father. Nabucco orders the destruction of the temple.

Nabucco has appointed Fenena regent while he is away leading his campaign. Abigaille, in the royal palace in Babylon, has found a document saying that she is not the king’s daughter but the child of slaves. She swears vengeance on Nabucco and Fenena. The High Priest of Baal arrives with news that Fenena has betrayed them and freed the Israelite prisoners. He offers the throne to Abigaille and proposes to spread the rumor that Nabucco has fallen in battle.

Zaccaria hopes to persuade the Babylonians to give up their false idols. The Levites accuse Ismaele of treachery, but Zaccaria announces that he has been pardoned for saving a fellow Israelite—the newly converted Fenena. A messenger warns Fenena that the king is dead and her life is in danger. Before she can escape, the High Priest of Baal arrives with Abigaille and the Babylonians, who proclaim Abigaille ruler. She is about to crown herself when, to the astonishment of all, Nabucco appears. He takes the crown from her and declares himself not only king but god. At this, a thunderbolt strikes him down. Abigaille, triumphant, retrieves the crown for herself.


The Babylonians hail Abigaille as their ruler. The High Priest urges her to have the Israelites killed, but before she can give the order, Nabucco appears in a state of half-madness. Abigaille tricks him into signing the death warrant for the captive Israelites. Fenena, she says, must also die. When Nabucco starts to look for the document proving Abigaille’s ancestry, she produces it and tears it to pieces. He pleads in vain for Fenena’s life.

On the banks of the Euphrates, the Israelites remember their lost homeland. Zaccaria tells them they will overcome captivity and obliterate Babylon with the help of God.

Nabucco, locked up in his apartments by Abigaille, watches Fenena and the Israelites being led to execution. He prays to the god of Israel for forgiveness, pledging to convert himself and his people. His sanity restored, he forces open the door and summons his soldiers to regain the throne and save his daughter.

The Israelites are about to be executed. Fenena prays to be received into heaven when Nabucco rushes in and stops the sacrifice. Abigaille, full of remorse, takes poison and dies, confessing her crimes and praying to the god of Israel to pardon her. Nabucco announces his conversion and frees the Israelites, telling them to return to their native land and rebuild their temple. Israelites and Babylonians are united in praising God. 

西元前六世紀,耶路撒冷。以色列人正在為了對抗率軍侵占的巴比倫國王納布果而祈求神助。以色列人的大祭司撒迦利亞向人民保證,神明必不會背棄他們。以色列人們離開,留下耶路撒冷王的姪兒以實瑪利和被希伯來人扣留為人質的納布果之女菲妮娜。兩人在以實瑪利遭囚於巴比倫時相戀,後來菲妮娜幫助他脫逃,並跟隨他來到耶路撒冷。菲妮娜同父異母的姊姊阿碧嘉蕾帶著一干經過偽裝的巴比倫士兵突然現身,二人頓覺錯愕;也愛著以實瑪利的阿碧嘉蕾跟他說: 只要以實瑪利回報她的愛,她就免他的同胞一死,但遭到以實瑪利拒絕。以色列人驚慌奔返神殿內。撒迦利亞與率領戰士進入神殿的納布果對峙,威脅要殺害菲妮娜。以實瑪利從祭司手上救下菲妮娜,讓她回到父親身邊。納布果下令摧毀神殿。





在幼發拉底河兩岸,以色列人憶起他們的失土。撒迦利亞告訴他們: 神將幫助他們脫離囚禁並擊潰巴比倫。



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